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    Galdi, the invisible touch

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Friday 21 September was a very special day for Galdi.

We opened our doors to the public to introduce the upcoming development of Galdi Company Museum, which will tell our story through a series of interactive multimedia experiences.

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The day began with a tour of our plant and a workshop entitled The Contemporary Company Museum, introduced by our General Manager Antonella Candiotto and Professor Fabrizio Panozzo of Venice Ca' Foscari University.

Thanks to the remarkable contributions of Silvia Oliva, Massimiliano Zane and Eleonora Odorizzi, participants had the chance to learn more about new generation museums, the dissemination opportunities offered by digital technologies and the development potential of corporate museums.

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After the workshop, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place followed by a presentation of the future digital company museum prototype. A special support was chosen to display it: a wooden box, the same used by Galdi to ship our machines worldwide.

Guests had the opportunity to play and engage with the Pack and Play interactive installation, specially created by D20 Art Lab Artists. Using different shapes, colours and sounds the installation underlines Galdi's attention to food safety and sustainability and showcases our work through art in a very intriguing way.

The day ended with a networking drink, during which guests had the chance to sample a glass of Prosecco and finger food made of locally sourced ingredients.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art digital installations, the future Galdi Company Museum will offer a detailed overview of our story, our research projects and our day-to-day work.

The museum will be based at the Area Village, the new center currently at the planning stage, which will be built next to our production plant and will host a gym, a bar and meeting rooms.

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