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The maintenance of our filling machines is of strategic importance to us.
There is indeed no point in building high performance packaging machines, if such a performance cannot be maintained over time!
For several years now we have been working on improving our After Sales services.

One of the latest novelties is the introduction of MaSH, the smart system to constantly monitor the health condition of a machine. This extra tool guarantees reliable filling machines throughout their life cycle.

The consultation stage is critical for the services we offer.

We perform with our customers a thorough analysis of needs and objectives to find together the most appropriate maintenance solutions on the basis of annual operating hours.

We care about our customers: our goal is to guarantee constant performance over time and prevent unexpected breakdowns or downtimes.
We make their lives easier and they avoid unnecessary concerns.

The existing maintenance contracts for Galdi filling machines are the starting point to identify, along with our technicians, the most appropriate formula. They can be renewed or modified during the life cycle of the machine.

The first three contracts are for new filling machines, whereas Once Over, Take Care and Inclusive are designed for out of warranty packaging machines.




Designed for new filling machines, this is the most comprehensive maintenance contract, whereby Galdi is fully entrusted with the spare parts management and the scheduling of maintenance operations.

It is especially suited for customers needing top performances at all times, working on 2 or 3 shifts with an average of 4,000, 5,000 or 7,000 operating hours a year.
The initial consultation with Galdi experts is very useful because it provides a detailed overview of planned operations and total maintenance costs.

A local technician, often supported by a Service Unit with a warehouse in the area, is usually assigned to customers who choose this contract.
Cumberland Dairy, a major US producer, is a case in point: the Delaware support centre was created after its acquisition.



The Smart formula is designed for new filling machines or for used ones that were reconditioned by Galdi.
Even with a minimum budget, it guarantees regular visits by a qualified technician at discounted prices.
This maintenance plan is a favourite of small producers and customers with dedicated in-house staff for routine maintenance work, who want our experts to perform a check of the filling machine every so many hours of production.
Many customers appreciate this kind of assistance because they notice remarkable improvements in the global performance after the technicians’ inspection.
Scheduling the frequency of interventions with our experts, they can also ensure constant performance over time.



This maintenance contract is designed for a new filling machine or one in its second year of operation, for customers wishing to extend the 12 month warranty to a maximum of 24 months.
The costs for scheduled maintenance and replacement of malfunctioning parts that were not included in the service plan can be set in advance.
The replacement is included in the fee; any technical intervention needed for the replacement of out of warranty parts is offered at discounted rates.



Once Over is the maintenance formula that best suits customers who already own a functioning packaging machine, wishing to take advantage of the support of a Galdi technician to assess the health condition of the machine.

The formula foresees inspections to detect anomalies and adjust regulations, with the goal of restoring optimal performance and preventing unexpected downtimes.

This kind of contract is particularly suited to customers who:

● are small local producers with a thorough knowledge of the machine
● prefer managing routine maintenance operations internally
● have a small production or are not interested in constantly optimizing performance

Customers choosing this formula often book an onsite training held by our technicians as well, to improve their know-how and be able to manage the machine with an even greater autonomy.

Many major producers with a dedicated in-house operator prefer this type of contract and use our remote assistance service (TYE) for urgent interventions.




With this maintenance contract, Galdi is entrusted with service planning and spare parts management. You set the annual budget in advance.

The formula includes annual costs for:
● spare parts supply
● labour
● travel, board and accommodation expenses

As for all maintenance contracts offered by Galdi, you can change formula over time, taking into consideration changes in production or the advice by Galdi experts.

If you want to learn more about the maintenance formulas for our filling machines or wish to receive personalized recommendations, please contact our Product Manager Cristian Ballestrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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