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  • Galdi, the invisible touch

    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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For some years Galdi has been working on improving the assembly performance of our filling machines. Our goal is to reduce delivery times to the bare minimum and to respond to our clients’ requirements even faster.



After our first Lean-inspired layout redistribution, we were able to free up 500 square meters of the previously occupied 2,500 square meters. This result was achieved by redesigning our production space, from the machine working stations to the pre-assembly and spare parts area.

From the monitors displaying the project status to the reorganization of racks and small metal components according to the Kanban methodology, every element was carefully arranged to save time, energy and space.

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Just by rethinking our workflows we were able to improve our efficiency in manufacturing a single filling machine by a staggering 40%. As overtime became superfluous, assemblers now have more time to focus on how to further improve their area of competence:


  • More efficient picking process

The components required by assemblers are now prepared in advance by our store keepers, according to the order sequence. Meanwhile, the components supply process was streamlined thanks to RFID readers, which send relevant information directly to suppliers.

  • Two new assembly lines
  • Twice as many assembly bays




Our assembly team regularly cooperates with the warehouse department, holding meetings every other day to track progress and new goals.

By working side by side, the two departments have the chance to create independent project-focused teams that function independently. Every member is invited to actively partake in finding solutions within a stimulating environment thanks to continuing professional development, one of our company's key values.

In addition to assembly, our warehouse and testing units are also involved in our ongoing improvement efforts. Indeed, coordinating every single step is crucial to ensure a more efficient production and fast-delivery filling machines.

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