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In compliance with the Algerian government scheme, state-owned company Giplait is gradually implementing the transition from milk powder, reconditioned and packaged in plastic bags, to pasteurised cow's milk packaged in Gable Top cartons into the Algerian market. The shift is aimed at offering a higher quality product to the Algerian population in terms of nutritional value, food safety and hygiene.


Galdi has assisted Giplait in managing this transition since 2016, offering support in the following areas:


Fourteen complete packaging lines have already been installed in Algeria. The latest filling machine was installed in Tiemcen while a new one will be soon set up at the company’s Mostaganem branch.


While we strive to improve our machines’ usability as much as possible, the transition to Gable Top carton implies that a brand new packaging method needs to be learned and deployed. For this reason, Galdi technical experts are transferring their knowledge to Giplait operators providing onsite training and job shadowing.


Our active cooperation with Giplait has led to an intense exchange of information focused on fully exploiting the machine’s potential, as well as on sales and marketing issues. This sharing of knowledge led to the idea of extending Gable Top packaging to other products in addition to pasteurised milk. In particular, the new packaging will be used to commercialise a number of fermented products such as rajeb and leben, flavoured yogurt drinks that are very popular on the Algerian market.



In addition to the client support services provided in the region, our after-sales assistance is guaranteed by a number of preventative maintenance agreements, allowing our clients to receive spare parts at the ready.
The new filling machines installed in Algeria follow the ones already set up in various Maghreb countries (Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya), in the Sub-Saharan region (Zambia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso) and in South Africa.

Galdi has established ongoing partnerships with private and public entities that have been running for several years.
As usual, our aim is to become much more than simple machine suppliers, offering packaging solutions and services able to respond to the manifold needs of our clients.


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