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The secret to improving, growing and innovating is to cultivate interrelation.

That's why Galdi has chosen to exchange ideas and experiences with Breton, a metalworking company from our region and an early adopter of Agile methodology. Here's what we have learned.

After visiting Breton headquarters on 18 April, Galdi welcomed a delegation of Breton sales engineers who shared their expertise and engaged in a comparison of the two companies' Agile business management models.


The meetings addressed the radical changes in building teams envisaged by Agile and focused in particular on the new roles within the so-called Scrum Team, whose aim is to design innovative and complex products.


Indeed, the remapping of competences and responsibilities foreseen by Agile makes the traditional Project Manager role outdated as new professional figures (Scrum Master, Product Owner and DevTeam) ensure the deployment of effective and dynamic planning cycles.


Regardless of individual roles, the Scrum Team is composed of the most performing members from each function. That's why Galdi and Breton teams are made up of planners from different departments, combining expertise, ideas and the desire to experiment and unlocking their full potential thanks to Agile.

Once again, the key is interrelation.

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