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    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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How did our journey begin 30 years ago? Which were the company’s most significant developments?

Here’s a look back at our origins. Galdi’s founder Galdino Candiotto moved his first steps at his father's dairy Latte Monte. At that time, milk was packaged in glass bottles, which were very expensive and difficult to reuse.

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The company therefore decided to opt for a more flexible, sustainable and cost-effective packaging material, choosing carton as the perfect alternative. However, filling machines were extremely costly. For this reason, Mr. Candiotto asked his son Galdino, a mechanics enthusiast, to build one from scratch for the family dairy.

That’s when Galdi's story begins. As the first prototype was designed, built and activated, other dairies and carton producers which sold their products to Latte Monte became interested in it. After his father passed away, Galdino decided to sell his family's dairy and continue on his entrepreneurial journey.

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A local milk factory offered Galdino a high-level, very remunerative job, which he nevertheless turned down. Driven by the desire to build his own company and develop the most innovative solutions for the dairy sector, Galdino immediately applied for funding to start up his new venture.

Galdino’s intuition turned out to be a successful one. After receiving several requests from Italian dairy owners and clients, his company began producing the first filling machines of rectangular cartons in a 100-sqm factory. Taking its name from its founder’s name, Galdi s.r.l. was then established in 1985.

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After starting off as a small mechanic factory, the company quickly grew and attracted the attention of Swedish packaging and food confectioning technology giant Tetra Pak®. In 1993 Galdi embarked on its internationalisation path by authorising Tetra Pak® to distribute one of its filling machines in Russia under its own brand.

Since then the company's expansion has continued with new partnerships in Europe, Africa and recently even the United States. Over the years our machines have managed to respond to our clients’ increasing needs.

Meanwhile, innovation remains at the core of the company’s products and internal operations.

After embracing the lean philosophy in 2011, the company has consequently adapted all its departments with significant improvements. The following step was the adoption of the agile methodology by its product development department, so as to reduce our time-to-market for new technologies and products.

Nevertheless, we should never forget where we came from and remember there’s always something to innovate. Inspired by that principle, Galdino Candiotto set out to look for his very first filling machine, which was sold over 30 years ago.

After finding it and bringing it back, he regenerated it himself and restored it to its original state. Today our “Number 1” has been put on display inside our workshop as a reminder of our history, and will soon be relocated to the company’s upcoming museum as a highlight of the visit.

To conclude, here are our founder’s thoughts: “The food sector requires constantly updated technologies and materials to comply with the increasingly stricter hygienic and food safety regulations. It is therefore essential to offer advanced solutions giving peace of mind to our clients. We strive to diversify and enhance our activity by interacting with our partners and knowing the supply chain inside out, from raw material suppliers to the end clients. This allows us to address the most critical needs of our sector, providing jointly-designed solutions that satisfy the requirements of the chain’s final actors.

Today Galdi is not just a manufacturer of filling machines providing a wide range of filling solutions. Indeed, our company also provides consultancy services to support its clients throughout the purchase and after-sale phases.

For more information, please contact our Product Manager Cristian Ballestrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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