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    Galdi, the invisible touch

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Taking place in Cologne from 20 to 23 March, The 2018 edition of Anuga FoodTec will be an outstanding opportunity to discover our new filling solutions.

The novelties presented at the trade fair will include MASH, Galdi's new performance monitoring system, and TYE, our remote video assistance service.

However, the real news is our radical change of approach. From now on, we will no longer refer to our machines using codes and numbers, but according to specific products and their requirements.

With this new approach, choosing the right machine will be much easier for our clients, who will benefit from our comprehensive expertise in selecting the most suitable configuration for their requirements.

Here are our five new filling solutions:



Designed for fresh dairy products and refrigerated beverages – milk, fermented drinks and fruit juices – with the option to upgrade to Clean.


For dairy products and fruit juices with a 7- to 10-day shelf life, Clean guarantees the highest quality and hygiene standards even for those parts which do not come into touch with the products, thanks to our new automated cleaning systems.


Specifically designed for ESL products (Extended Shelf Life), including liquid eggs, Ultra Clean combines bespoke technologies and configurations, minimizing the risk of contamination of cartons before, during and after the filling cycle.


Our dedicated solution for high-acid products that are more vulnerable to heat, especially wine. Cartons are filled under constant temperature monitoring between 40°C and 50°C so as to retain the product's taste.


Our dedicated configuration for products with a pH lower than 7 and an 8- to 12-month shelf life, Hot Fill guarantees perfectly sealed cartons at temperatures ranging from 80°C to 90°C. Like Warm Fill, Hot Fill is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to aseptic filling.


All our filling solutions have been designed with one goal in mind: reducing waste and operating costs so as to reduce our clients' initial investment. The packaging speed range is from 1000 to 7000 cartons/hour.

To learn more about Galdi's new configurations and novelties, come and meet us at Anuga FoodTec. Our stand (B019-A018, Hall 7) awaits you.

See you there!


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