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For high-acid products with a pH lower than 4.5, we've come up with a dedicated packaging solution – Warm Fill.



This configuration has been specifically designed for acid liquids that are more vulnerable to heat, like wine, whose taste might be altered by pasteurization and prolonged exposure to high temperature.

With Warm Fill, the product is packed straight into the carton at a temperature of 40 to 55°C, hence retaining the product's taste.

The procedure also removes the need of a cooling system for the pasteurized product, whereas the thermal treatment eliminates all sources of bacteria ahead of packaging.

Warm Fill offers several benefits, especially for wine cartons:

● It significantly reduces the overall cost of the filling plant
● It cuts down the initial investment for the machine purchase
● It reduces the cost of spare parts and maintenance throughout the machine lifecycle
● It shortens servicing downtimes considerably
● It can be used for filling different volumes, with format changes requiring no more than 3 minutes.

Our solution for high-acid products has been designed to provide outstanding sealing performances against oxygen permeability. Ideally, it should be combined with cartons with an inner aluminium layer.

To find out all the details of our Warm Fill configuration, discover the most suitable packaging formats and book a consulting session on how to get the most from it, please contact our Product Manager Cristian Ballestrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Stay tuned to find out more about Hot Fill, our bespoke solution for high-acid products such as fruit juices, less sensitive to heat than wine.



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