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Today we are introducing Ultra Clean, our filling solution specifically designed for ESL products.

This configuration is dedicated to the most delicate and hygiene-sensitive category, having a 21- to 28-day shelf-life and including both dairy and beverage products, such as fruit juices.

Furthermore, Galdi's Ultra Clean machines can be configured for the filling of pasteurized liquid eggs, ensuring that all requirements are met to guarantee the best production and hygiene performances.

In terms of hygiene, the ESL configuration considerably reduces the risk of contamination of cartons after filling. Indeed, our Ultra Clean fillers sterilize containers even before they come into contact with the filled product.

In addition, hygiene safety is guaranteed throughout the carton's lifecycle up to the packaging phase through a series of overpressure systems inside the filling machine. Meanwhile, the remaining parts are automatically cleaned to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Ultra Clean offers several benefits compared to aseptic filling:

● The nutritional and organoleptic properties of extended shelf-life products remain unaltered
● The quality of the end product is significantly higher
● The cost of the filling machine and its maintenance is considerably lower
● The machine allows greater flexibility in terms of packaging formats

Choosing Ultra Clean also comes with a whole range of commercial advantages. Indeed, the ESL market currently remains the least exploited one, allowing players to stand out from competitors with a top-notch product. It also represents an opportunity to expand into new countries and to broaden one's presence into other markets.

In terms of performance, the Ultra Clean machines have a filling capacity ranging from 1000 to 7000 cartons per hour, ideal for any production requirement.


Cristian Ballestrin will be delighted to provide any additional information about our bespoke solutions for ESL products (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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