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    Galdi, the invisible touch

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Are you thinking of putting your used Galdi filling machine on the market in a quick, secure and cost-effective way?

Look no further and sell it back to us!



We have already discussed the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned Galdi machine.

If your purchase dates back to a few years ago and you are worried about disposal charges, or if you are looking for a potential buyer, we offer a time-saving solution that's also good value for your money. Read on to find out more.

Let's say your firm has discontinued production or changed packaging type, and therefore no longer needs the machine.
If this is your case, not only can you save on disposal charges but also sell your used Galdi machine back to us with a significant return.

One of our technical specialists will run a quick and thorough evaluation and will offer you the highest market value available.
Moreover, in addition to covering all transport expenses, Galdi will offer you an additional bonus ensuring that the reconditioned machine is not sold to one of your direct competitors.

Alternatively, if you are looking into purchasing a brand new machine, you will have the opportunity to exchange your used filling machine and make an even higher profit.

Once again, Galdi will cover all transport and replacement expenses.

We dismantle your old machine and install a new one that will be ready to go in just a couple of weeks.

Your machine will return to our central facilities where our technical specialists will recondition it, while preventing the significant environmental impact of its disposal.

Indeed, after worn-out parts are replaced, our reconditioned filling machines are subject to a further inspection in our dedicated area before eventually being sold.

Here's one final benefit of having Galdi as your exclusive sales partner.

Even before negotiations begin, our experts will run a careful examination of the machine's conditions and its owner's requirement, and will recommend a machine replacement or upgrade as an alternative to demolition or sale. These procedures enable owners either to keep their machines in operation for a few extra years, or to seamlessly handle any changes in production (ex. from fresh to ESL products).

See how profitable it is to sell your used filling machine back to Galdi?


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