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To minimize production downtime, the solution is to prevent it. And the secret is monitoring.

This is the inspiration behind MaSH (MAchine System Health), Galdi's new service designed to guarantee longer lifecycles and fewer downtimes for your filling machine, while keeping it in good health. MASH will be officially presented at the ANUGA FOODTEC 2018 trade fair in Cologne.


How does MASH work? That's simple. The system constantly monitors the machine health, providing daily reports on its performance and output. It also flags any anomaly or performance drop so as to anticipate potential issues.

The result is a significant reduction in machine downtime.



The system helps to spot possible issues even before a malfunction is detected and to easily understand the causes by identifying the faulty or worn out parts, hence reducing accidental damage and downtime as well as urgent interventions other than standard maintenance. Indeed, by keeping your filling machine under close control, MASH helps to anticipate and prevent any problems.


The primary benefit for our clients is a more stable production, followed by a better reputation, as the risk of not meeting delivery times and volumes is minimized.

You can therefore say farewell to unexpected downtime and related worries and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Looking after your machine – and your investment – has never been easier. For us, this is the best way to take care of our current and future clients.


In short, MaSH is our answer to reduce production downtime and guarantee better performance monitoring. We are confident that it will be a success among our clients, who also loved TYE, our recently introduced service for remote monitoring which cuts down intervention times and distances.

What better occasion than ANUGA FOODTEC 2018 to officially present our new outstanding service? Visit our stand (Hall 7 B019-A018) to learn about MASH in details, including its functioning and the steps that led to its creation. See you there!


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