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    Galdi, the invisible touch

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Our filling solutions for refrigerated products such as milk, fruit juices and fermented drinks have come together under one label: FRESH!

You may have already read about the new, recently introduced naming and strategy for our filling machines. Today we are presenting our first new set up dedicated to dairy products with a 7-day shelf-life.

Forget about all the acronyms which previously identified our products. To make things easier, we have gathered all our filling machines for fresh milk with a 7-day shelf-life under the umbrella term Fresh.



Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of refrigerated dairy products, we carried out several evaluations and trials so as to obtain the ideal solution, both for ourselves and our customers. And we did it while keeping costs in mind: indeed, creating a specific configuration and removing useless elements will ultimately help to reduce your initial investment!

The available filling speeds are 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 6,500 and 7,000 cartons per hour while the technical features are the same for all our new range of filling machines, ensuring maximum hygiene and usability, minimum environmental impact and competitive costs.

Galdi's Fresh solutions are suitable not only for fresh milk but also for fruit juices and fermented beverages. They have been designed so that the different viscosity of the products won't affect the filling speed, hence delivering outstanding results and allowing the machine to be used for a different product during its lifecycle.


Are you shifting to milk with a 14-day shelf life?

Once again, no problem. Thanks to our modular solutions, our filling machines can be easily re-configured from Fresh (designed for fresh milk) to Clean – stay tuned to find out more about the latter.

Please bear with us as our website is being redesigned to reflect our new classification. Meanwhile, our Product Manager Cristian Ballestrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is available to provide all the information you need.


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