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    Galdi, the invisible touch

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What happens when an Indian producer of liquid eggs discovers the benefits of Gable Top?

The story of the first Galdi filling machine installed in India begins with a liquid egg producer wishing to expand its presence on the local market. After operating across India's restaurant chains for several years, the company set its sights on targeting end consumers.

First, the company has to rethink its packaging. So far, in India liquid eggs have been sold in plastic bags with a capacity of up to 10kg, whereas the end-client market requires a new format intended for household use (500-1000ml), possibly with a certain degree of shelf appeal.

After a careful assessment of all the pros and cons of plastic and carton, the company has welcomed our suggestions and has decided to use Gable Top for its packaging.

The reasons are many:


  • Using and stocking the product is easier for end consumers. [Gable Top makes it easier for end consumers to use and stock the product.]
  • Liquid eggs are a practical choice. They are sold as mixed, yolk or whites and can be used out of the box
  • The six layers of laminated materials (a mixture of paperboard and polyethylene) make the carton lightproof and airproof, guaranteeing greater safety and hygiene.
  • The reusable package can be easily closed with its cap and stored in the fridge.
  • The product has a longer life and does not require preservatives.
  • The surface of the carton becomes a powerful communication tool offering more space to get the message across and improving the product appeal.
  • Carton enhances the content's overall value perception.

Of course a high-quality product needs a filling machine of the same standard. And here's where Galdi comes into play, with our willingness to win another happy client by listening to their requirements.

Our experts' recommendation fell on an entry-level filling machine so as to minimize the risks of the investment and its impact on the product launch phase, while maximizing the outcome in terms of filled product quantity and end profit.

The machine was then installed and production set off within a week. Success!

In fact, the story has more than a happy ending. Our experience and our trips to India have shown us that the cold chain is becoming increasingly widespread in the region. Indeed, the quality of the end product is gaining more and more importance against cost, and this applies to the world at large.

Consumers choose quality, even for their liquid eggs.

After all, eating well means living well.

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