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  • Galdi, the invisible touch

    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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The testing of a filling machine. The last step before shipping to the customer.

After the machine has been assembled, passing through the expert hands of our metalworkers and assemblers, it is up to our testing team to actually “bring it to life," by starting it up and conducting thorough testing.

It is far more than just a test, though; this is our customers’ guarantee that lead-times from installation to having the machine production ready are as fast as possible! It is only thanks to these testing operations that Galdi is able to install fillers in 2 days, putting them into operation in less than a week from their arrival at the customer’s premises.

The checks are rigorous, careful, detailed. On the line that we have custom made, we carry out simulations of real production conditions and much more besides.

First of all we set up the machine for use with the final cartons. Then we move on to the electronic settings for the correct dosage and simulation of the various signals which will be used during the production process. Finally, we check performance by making the machine work for at least one hour without it missing a beat! Meanwhile, checks are carried out on the weights in order to verify accuracy over time, and on carton and cap sealing, to ensure cartons are reliably sealed, thus guaranteeing that returns are reduced to zero.

Everything is done in a precise and coordinated way, and seeing a machine start up for the first time is a real show, a real occasion.

For this reason, before delivery, we invite our customers to witness the testing of their fillers: in part to check with their own eyes that their investment and source of future revenue works as efficiently as possible, and in part to give them the opportunity to meet in person the people who have literally brought it to life!

Among other things, with as little environmental impact as possible.



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