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  • Galdi, the invisible touch

    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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It’s less than a year since the inception of Galdi's used packaging machine service, and Lean principles have immediately been implemented!

In terms of environmental and safety concerns, we have focused on the cleaning of components, which isan operation that uses a large quantity of materials and solvents, in order to find a more agreeable and healthier alternative for operators, as well as one which is more environmentally friendly.

We have therefore selected a totally environmentally friendly machine from Mewa that does not require the use of harmful, polluting or flammable products but instead uses a special VOC-free liquid detergent (Volatile Organic Compounds) that acts biologically to break down fats and residues through the action of microorganisms.

And the benefits?

• A healthier working environment, with the elimination of nitro vapors, the use of a substance which is harmless both when inhaled and in contact with the skin and a drastic reduction in quantity of detergent required.

A streamlined and improved operation with a significant reduction in time and improved cleaning of components.

• But above all, a safer working environment and happier operators!


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