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    Galdi, the invisible touch

    From raw materials to finished products a delicate, multi-faceted passageway involving vital, often invisible inputs
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In Galdi if something has always been done in a certain way, this does not mean it is perfect. Indeed, continuous improvement has taught us that everything has room for evolution and that efficiency, in addition to being measurable, arises from small optimizations whose overall impact can end up being really significant.

A year ago our Continuous Improvement working group began focus on the warehouse with the aim of streamlining flows and processes related to the receipt of the goods.

The result of their work, coupled with the active collaboration of the warehouse workers, has led to a lean revolution, which is both logical and highly efficient.

To speed up the sorting of incoming material, which rationalises work on the production lines, as well as after sales services, an area was assigned for components intended for assembly and a separate area for spare parts required by Service department, which has in turn freed up space by eliminating material with little or no movement.

To facilitate the work of warehouse workers, the layout of the workstations has been improved, and trolleys have been introduced to ensure more efficient handling and movement of goods, and ladders have been eliminated, by lowering the tallest shelves to make materials immediately accessible.

Just by adopting a warehouse management system in accordance with the FIFO method (First in, First out) has allowed us to reduce the time required to register components by 50%.

So, a great many small and big optimizations, which, in keeping with the logic of continuous improvement and the PDCA cyclical model (Plan-Do-Check-Act) adopted by the team, represent just the beginning.

Until the next revolution!

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