Galdi S.r.l. - Filling Technology

Who is it for?

All customers who have decided to purchase a new or remanufactured filling machine from Galdi and wish to entrust Galdi's experienced technical staff with maintenance and spare parts purchase organization.


This format is available if you purchase a new or remanufactured standard machine by Galdi.

Features and Pluses

Choose this option to benefit from the know-how of Galdi's qualified staff at discounted rates. You just need to order maintenance at intervals of 1,000 operating hours and you will be granted regular discounts which may exceed 20% over standard labour fees.

Galdi's staff will visit the customer according to a pre-defined schedule and perform regular maintenance, machine check-up, adjustment, and fine-tuning. They will also suggest other possible actions which are not envisaged in the maintenance program. Upon signing the contract, a list of maintenance tasks and replacements are provided. Maintenance tasks are billed upon completion as stipulated in the contract and as specified in the applicable technical assistance price-list. Any original spare parts necessary and envisaged in the maintenance program will be normally purchased by the customer.