Galdi S.r.l. - Filling Technology

Who is it for?

All Galdi's customers who have had their machine(s) for several years and decide to submit it/them to periodical, expert check-up.


Reserved for currently operating machines.

Features and Pluses

This contract includes regular inspections by Galdi's technical staff to establish whether maintenance and/or adjustments are needed. Adjustments are performed immediately so that the machine is brought back to a trouble-free performance level, whereas an estimate of maintenance costs will be sent to the customer as soon as the staff are back home.

Inspections are mandatory if the customer wishes to sign a maintenance contract for an operating machine. However, they are recommended in all cases regardless of machine-specific maintenance programmes. The expertise of our technical staff may help reduce unexpected downtimes. Galdi's custom-made proposals are drawn up in line with the customer's availability and degree of flexibility. Maintenance tasks are billed upon completion as stipulated in the contract and as specified in the applicable technical assistance price-list.