Galdi S.r.l. - Filling Technology

Who is it for?

All customers who have decided to purchase a new or remanufactured filling machine from Galdi and wish to entrust Galdi with the technical assistance and spare part replacement. This option guarantees foreseeable costs without the burden of managing or organizing routine maintenance procedures.


This option is available if you purchase a new or remanufactured standard machine by Galdi.

Features and Pluses

If you choose this contract, a fixed yearly maintenance cost is defined so that you know exactly how much you are going to allocate for these tasks in advance. The above maintenance fee includes supply of spare parts as per maintenance program, labour costs (maintenance and adjustments), travel time, and travel, board and lodging expenses. The contract lasts one full year from January 1 to Dec. 31 or for portions of a year depending on the date of execution.

The contract is only available when it is possible to determine the number of operating hours of the machine per year. Upon signing the contract, a list of maintenance tasks and replacements are provided. Billing is performed upon signing the contract for the coming year or part of it. Galdi's Customer Service will contact the customer to organize a maintenance schedule.